Custom Wear Solutions

H&L Mesabi works with local fabricating companies to offer customized abrasion resistant wear solutions for fixed and mobile operations.  



Additional Wear Solutions

ESCO Kiwk-Lok II®

  • ESCO® Corporation’s Kwik-Lok II® is a fully mechanical, replacement wear plate system that provides excellent protection against highly abrasive     conditions.
  •  Fastening consists of a lock, weld-on boss and wear runner.

Wear Buttons, Blocks, Bars & Runners

  • ESCO® Corporation’s Infinity® wear products & Hensley® Industries’ Bimetallic® wear products are designed to protect equipment from impact and high abrasion damage.
  • These field-proven products are composed of chrome white iron (CWI) castings bonded to mild steel backing plates.
       - The CWI has a minimum hardness of 700 Brinell, and the mild steel backing allows easy attachment with minimal welding.


H&L Mesabi proudly serves Minnesota, Wisconsin and Upper Michigan as the premier custom wear specialist in construction, governmental and mining applications.

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